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University of Wisconsin–Madison

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LGBT Books to Prisoners

Volunteers will be trained on a variety of tasks from which they can choose based on organizational need each week. Tasks include: shelving and organizing books; writing institutional restrictions on envelopes; responding to letters from LGBTQ+ incarcerated people; wrapping, weighing, and stamping packages; and database work. Volunteer sessions are a casual and social community environment.

A trans-affirming, racial justice-focused, prison abolitionist project sending books to incarcerated LGBTQ-identified people across the United States.

Social Justice Center Incubator
1202 Williamson St. #1
Madison, Wisconsin 53703

Fall 2023

Tuesdays from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
from 9/25/2023 to 12/8/2023

Bike/B-Cycle, Bus, Walk